Founded in January 2013, TEKWORX has joined into a “supergroup” of some of the best individuals in the computing industry. After supporting many service companies and working in the spare parts business for so many years, we’ve found the entire computer business to be a “Car Salesmen” market. Simply put … we were disgusted. It seemed that the dollar ruled all…and honesty and customer service took a backseat. We wanted to end that….for good! Deciding to incorporate all aspects of the computing repair/sales industry, we have built a single source for customers.

While offering full PC/Laptop and Apple Repair Services, TEKWORX also offers – Pre-Sales Consultation, Network (Low Voltage) Installation, Full Parts Department, Complete Printer Services and Drive/Data Recovery Solutions. As of today, we’ve only received call backs for MORE help….not help on the same issue over and over again. We service Broward, Palm Beach and Dade counties while the Parts Department offers services all over the country.

We dedicate ourselves in doing the job once … and right! For our repair services, we aim to never have the same problem occur again. All of this starts with …education…quality …and above all…help from someone not looking to take every dime from you. Always giving you a straight answer and a positive direction that is best suited for you and your business. Fully trained in all OEM’s and aftermarket machines, we can help repair any OEM and get you back up and running in no time.

Why the need for consultation? Most consumers seem to feel that if they go to the local retail store and purchase a laptop for $300, that they “got a deal on a great machine”…WRONG! So we wanted to educate and truly HELP the customer. Most “store bought” machines are truly “throw away” machines. In almost all cases, TEKWORX can help place you in a machine that is perfect for you or your company for the same or even lower price than what you would find in a retail store. With the drive to help individuals and businesses find a PC/Laptop/Server that is right for them and their company. This is an effort to point you in the direction to find solid and well built machines for the piece of mind so you so need.

With all the clutter of wires, modems, switches and routers visible, we can change that! For any home/home office and businesses out there, we can install a complete network that works best for you. From setting up a WiFi network to installing any number of network jacks, being connected has never been simpler and cleaner. VOIP? Not a problem! Setting up a centralized VOIP system and energizing jacks all over your building for more “plug and play” phone system in any environment. Depending on your needs, NAS (Network Attached Storage), servers and network printers are just a small taste of what TEKWORX can accomplish.

Parts for your machines? Seems to always be a problem for a lot of consumers and businesses alike. With a full parts sales team specializing in computer hardware logistics and fulfillment and in inventory management. Including hardware procurement and fulfillment and consulting services as well. With over two decades of experience in the technology hardware arena, we have the expertise, knowledge, and proven capabilities to support any requirement. Clients range from Federal government support services, Enterprise commercial sector, regional IT networks, in-house commercial maintenance, and small business owners and even home users. We have a program to fit your requirements no matter the size, which will reduce your total cost of ownership throughout the lifecycle of your installed assets. Quality and expert advice are what we stand for. We take the time to answer your questions and find the right device or component for you!

TEKWORX also has trained and specialized printer techs ready when you need them most. With over 16 years of field experience, we service any and all laser and ink jet printers with full onsite repairs. All scheduled maintenance and repairs are performed by HP certified service technicians as well as being fully trained in IBM, Dell, Lexmark, Okidata, and many more printer manufacturers. For added piece of mind and even faster responses, our techs can diagnose your printer problems over the phone 90% of the time with just an error code. If service is needed, speaking with our techs will also prepare the technician before arriving onsite and help expedite the repair to get you back up and running FAST! We will do anything we can to quickly solve your printer malfunction in a timely manner .

Data recovery is becoming a necessary service with more and more individuals and companies storing all data digitally. With over 15 years of storage experience, our techs can handle all of your recovery and data backup needs. Servicing all makes and models of hard drives, we can recover your data. We can also recover and transfer all your lost information onto another hard disk or any external device. And depending on the size of the data, we can even migrate the information to CDs, DVDs or even to BluRay discs. All your data is secure and confidential during the backup or recovery process. TEKWORX also operates in an environmental eco-friendly destruction of your defective out of warranty hard drives. Detailed certificates of destruction are also given after the drive has been properly destroyed.

With all that TEKWORX offers, we put all the pieces of the computing puzzle together in one single solution.


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